Monday, January 07, 2013

Mother Daughter

As I am discovering the wonder of photobooth so also is my little girl. She copies me. It is both wonderful and terrifying. I am more & more aware of the "why" behind the reason I do the smallest little things. Like today I was feeling a bit overwhelmed so I bought myself some lipstick. Hot pink. My grandma Dee would always wear hot pink lipstick. And this afternoon I put on her ring and I put on my lipstick. Then I took it one step further and opened a can of soda just to see my hot pink lipstick on the can. It made me feel happy and sad & silly for being so sappy over hot pink lipstick on a can of soda. But I am letting myself get lost in it for a bit because it reminds me of someone I love. And then Aubrey wanted the lipstick and it made my heart hurt a little. I told her that she would have a daughter one day in an emotional rant that is totally over her head just like I tell her that orange tang and juicy fruit is the smell of my childhood. She nods and pretends to understand and then comforts me by telling me that she is going to marry her brother. Such is my day.

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