Thursday, February 21, 2013

send help & brownies

This week we have all been affected by sickness. This month actually. Kurto had shingles. And no he is not eighty. I had an ear infection. And no I am not four. Israel has bronchitis. Aubrey had the flu with a fever for over a week. Whisky got "fixed" which brought an entirely different conversation with my theological child who is eight and doesn't ever take a simple answer. If you look in my fridge you will see medicine for my son, my daughter, my self & my cat. I am trying to be healthy but lets face it I ate ice cream for dinner last night all in the name of a sore throat. I did juice this week but my apples had been in the fridge next to onions and that was not my fav. Awesome. I watched you tube videos of kittens for over an hour today. I have labeled with my label maker all of my movies. I am happy about the results but in my heart I was thinking "am I one of those ladies who has those really annoying 'before disaster' pictures of things that aren't really a disaster and then organizes it and thinks it is 'total transformation' all the while abandoning any thoughts of real problems in the world beyond a drawer full of abundance that doesn't really need re-labeling for cuteness purpose only? These are the things I am thinking. I have read too many blogs this week. Some made my heart happy. Some made my heart jealous. Some made my heart go straight to the Word of God and for that I am so thankful. I took the kids for a drive along the coast today. Got some fresh air. Thought about texting my friends in the snow. Then thought I should just enjoy it. I am thankful sickness held off for Valentines day & flower weekend. Sabbath always comes wether we take it willingly or it takes us. It is the heart of God and for His wisdom I am thankful. I forgot to mention someone had their birthday party this month. Sweet and simple tea with a few lady friends. Isn't that what we all need?

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