Tuesday, July 11, 2006

barista barista

My husband is the best barista in Starbucks history. Yes he makes the most fantastic iced single grande vanilla non-fat latte a girl could ever want. He is so patient with me. Lately the stresses of life (our house could have been in the movie the money pit) and jobs, and parenting, and school, and tuitions, and air conditioners have been overwhelming. Kurto is the most patient person with me. This morning he woke up to a peeing Magnum who I didn't let out before work (he was snoozing on the couch). Later Izzy cried in Blues Clues, and I came home to him doing the dishes - mind you all in a day's work before going to work at starbucksland. (although I might add that Magnum was a barfing Magnum this evening so all together it was a tough Magnum day). I have what I would like to call a "task oriented" mind. Call it productive, call it organized, call it annoying. I'm always making list and sometimes my brain likes to call out orders and things that would make my list smaller. Kurto the other day interupted me saying "katch - i just want to love on you for a minute and all you are doing is fighting me with your list of task and things you think can't wait". Wow talk about words that cut to your heart. Isn't that just like God "katch I just want to love on you, forget all the other things, Mary has chosen the better thing" (weaver paraphrase). Yes thank you kurto for your reminder of what I needed to hear. I love you.


Marci Lewellen said...

ahhh... :)

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