Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Toothache, heartache

Tonight is nice. Chocolate chip cookies and coffee in hand and our internet is back in business. Today was a very productive day. Internet - fixed $0. Teeth - cleaned $insurance. Cavity found in your tooth that is being pulled tomorrow - priceless. Yes that is right I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow. It is part of a check that off the list mentality that has been going on over the last few weeks. God is moving and we are caught up in his whirlwind. Kurto started school, I went to Ca, did three weddings this month, Izzy turned two, and we are going from working to full time to IHOP world around here. Very exciting & our hearts are saying Yes to Him urging us to trust what does not make sense. Izzy is happy to be back in the prayer room but continually asks for Papa and Josh and Ky from Ca. He loved being with fam. My heart aches for Ca and Ihop to merge into one big world where life as I know it in kansas city could be transported into my home town. Someday.

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