Monday, October 02, 2006

is it time for bed yet?

Tonight it is 8pm and I'm about to crash. My day started out good. Global bridegroom fast (mind you it was only 7am & the coffee was hot). Israel & I were going to go with a neighbor to the shatto milk farm, milk a baby cow, drink samples of yummy milk (yes I do count chocolate milk in my fasting diet in some emergencies), and hang out with our new friends. Well Shatto is closed on Mondays and it is a good thing. Around Israel's second round of Lucky Charms he started to barf - a lot! He was so sad. It kept going all day long. It is now 8pm and I am just finishing the last load of barf towels. He had 6 baths today. A new record. Well in between Nemo & baby einstein #12 I decided to hang up a new candle holder that my house guest generously gave me. Very cute rod iron pottery barn style with 5 glass votives with candles. I hung it up and no later than about a minute my whole wall was wax covered and the candle holder was black and a huge flame was growing. The candle votive then shattered from the heat and glass wax gunk went all over my table, walls, and floor. It was very exciting! Good thing I didn't go anywhere for more than a minute I would be titling this blog entry "wife burns house down". Such a day. Oh - & my poor husband finally broke out in terrible poison ivy!!! All over his arms. It was day 8 & we were hoping he was in the clear. I guess that vine was poison ivy after all.


christina said...

AHHHHHHHH! i am so glad you survived!

Katie said...

Poor Katchen! I'm sure you read about how Nate was sick like that last week, so I completely understand. Poor Izzy too! I hope things are much better today!--and for Kurt too!