Sunday, November 12, 2006

Famous Last Words

Kurto & I found a gift card that had been long in the waiting. TOYSRUS. Well it seemed like a great idea. A great morning. Ca prayer, Starbucks and of course one of the happiest moments in a kid's life - the first trip to ToysRUs. We pulled into the parking lot and saw some kids holding their dad's hand with smiles on their faces. We told Izzy "are you ready to go see all the toys Israel?" Kurt then said something that made me laugh on the inside. (i didn't want him to be discouraged in this moment) "How could anyone NOT love going to ToysRUs? I mean it's like every childs dream? Everyone is just so happy all the time!"
So we go into the store and Izzy is in a complete daze. He looks around and we are just smiling at each other with smiles that say "yah we ARE the best parents ever". Israel smiles. It is a wonderful family moment... until the first right turn. Kurt looks at me "I think a cart is a good idea". The thought of a loose toddler in the store sounds a bit much especially since we are desperately trying to enjoy our starbucks to the last drop. We are on a mission to find leggos and perhaps a little something else that can be purchased for grand total of $25 bucks. We find leggos on sale. Smooth so far. Then Israel starts to cry. Loud. He starts reaching for toys, knocking a puzzle down, real tears are flowing. Kurto and I just looked at each other like ok hurry. I say to Israel words that I swear I'de never say. "Israel stop crying mommy will buy you the leggos. You can have the cars too but just stop crying". (my real fear at this poing was a call on the microphone "barf on aisle 7". kurto & I were trying to find another toy to finish up the gift card. We settled on cars and then off to the checkstand. We had $3 left over. I was like "kurt we need to find something else it was a 30 minute drive I don't want to waste the $3".
"Forget it, we'll come back later just get the heck out of here. Hurry." We got out of the store and we were laughing while Izzy was still crying. Yah I still am not quite sure why people don't like going to ToysRUs. It is so relaxing and fun.


Kurto said...

Yeah, I lived this moment and still laughed like crazy reading it again. I am up for another Toys R Us run whenever you are babe.

christina said...

i love this story, i can see it now on the video of my mind. i am really proud of Izzy for not barfing, what a trooper, right into the battle of the carnal flesh and no barf.