Sunday, November 26, 2006

I'm in TEXAS - Haaaaa!

Well after a long car ride again (meaning over 8hrs - does anyone but me see a pattern lately?) Kurto, Israel & I are back home. It feels wonderful and a shower and my bed have never looked so good. This morning I was just reflecting on the goodness of our maker. We started out our journey from Texas back to Missouri at 4:30 AM. It seems like morning nominated me to drive. It must be all those years at Starbucks but I didn't seem to mind. Around 6:38 somewhere in the Oklahoma pan-handle we drove around lakes for about an hour. The freeway was a literal bridge for about 30 minutes and the sky was covered with pink clouds and orange reflections on the water. It was so beautiful and so lonely and quiet all at the same time. I think God likes the sunrise better because he seems to make it extra beautiful just in case someone is watching. He loves the secret beauty. I loved sharing it with Him. What a great hour.

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Ava's Mama said...

Thank you for saying nice things about Oklahoma being beautiful. When we lived there, I saw beauty in the nature every day!