Thursday, January 11, 2007

the usual

So I am sitting here after a long but wonderful week. So much stress and so many miracles. I have been stuck on the first two chapters of Isaiah not from too much study but from to many babies crying. I had Samuel over today. My Sammy Davis Jr Jr. He is so wonderful. He was so fussy today. Sick and partially just down. I sang to him while he was in his swing. I started to sing a nursery song, then a worship song and still the screaming. Then I just started singing. Out came all of these promises for Sam from God. Out came the cutting off of generational things. (Sammy has no dad... no grandfather... etc.) Out came Jesus loves Sammy, the Father loves Sammy... and then the peace came. I have never seen Sammy so happy. Just staring at me content in the presence of God's love for Him. I loved this afternoon. This week has been full of breakthroughs. Full of pain too. Breakthrough is pain sometimes. Cutting to the core of ones stubbornness to tear apart the flesh and bring forth life is laborsome and painful. This week Kurto & I got our flesh torn apart and pieced pack together again this time by God. It was wonderful in a I know God is doing a work kind of way. And he did. And our love grew for God and each other and Israel. Israel also gave us one of the best laughs in a long time this week. We were all in bed late one night and Israel was cuddling because his tummy hurt. Cowboy (our cat) came up on the bed and Kurto said "Izzy what does cowboy say?" "Mew." "Izzy what does cowboy smell like?" "Meat." "Izzy what does cowboy taste like?" "IHOP". This was a highlight of the week.


Tracie Loux said...

just found your blog and enjoyed reading through it.
after house and home are settled, i'd love to meet you. kurt has been such a blessing to us with our work at FMA!
loved hearing about Izzy!

christina said...

brush your teeth, but don't brush them with peanut butter. missing you and the Iz.

Jocelynalice said...

Cowboy doesn't smell like MEAT! Izzy! You should know this!