Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What was Israel's favorite thing about California this time? Besides the bob the builder ride at chuckie cheese it was the GARAGE DOOR. You see when you don't have a garage door or a garage for that matter any garage door can be special, but through in one that opens when you push a button and you have a wonderful amazing thing. Izzy would marvel at this every time we went anywhere. He would say open. Close. Wow. (he also wouldn't move until it was open all the way or closed all the way. This was really fun! Israel has also woken up the last few days saying "we ate pizza. We went on bob builder. We saw ducks. Ducks went down. Ducks went up. We saw bob!!!" Obviously Kaden & Auntie Heidi had a big impression on Izzy. Last night he said "lots of tokens. Auntie gave me tokens." Thanks sister. Izzy loved our time together. He misses you - & Bob.

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Anonymous said...

Thats the best blog yet! Oh and sis, you spelled my name wrong. Its H-E-I-D-I in case you seriously forgot. I love my sis!