Thursday, February 15, 2007


Well it is 1:54 pm. That magical time called Nap Time". What is the first thing a mom should do? Well I cleaned my kitchen (just so I can feel like something is done. I also made myself another cup of coffee). Now it is time to sit and blog away. It has been a long week. Israel is sick of being inside all day long. Our biggest outing this week was going to Target to return something. Every two year olds dream. My home town is where I would like to be this week. Laguna Niguel. It is the One Thing Conference this weekend. I will be back there in April but this weekend is the special time where the world I now live in visits the world that I grew up in and prayer and worship truth all collide. All I can do from here is pray. It is funny how God has called Kurto and I to Laguna Niguel (all of Orange County really) and yet he has taken us out for a while. Before coming to IHOP our hearts burned for Laguna Niguel and it is so amazing how just a little town can be blessed by One Thing coming to it. It is God's grace and mercy and his love. He loves Orange County more than us. He will give breakthrough and pour out his Spirit. I guess this is all just ground work and preparation for a time when eventually we will be released to go home. For now Kansas City is home and I am grateful to be here. I am also grateful to pray and intercede from here for there. Well baby is crying... at least I got half a sip of the coffee... more to come

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