Wednesday, May 16, 2007

down time

Well I have a challenge (especially for all the moms out there). Sit down in the middle of your mess, dishes, laundry, bills, half full coffee cups, and more and... be with God. He will direct what you are and aren't to do. This takes off major stress. I find that when I try and create the perfect atmosphere to sit down and have a "quiet time" I am usually so exhaused from trying to get everything done first that my mind takes a long time to wind down to the place where not only can I pray and talk to God but I can listen and hear Him talk to me. So I am learning the discipline of going opposite. I am sitting in the mess (because the mess really never dies). I am asking God what does he want me to do today (mess included)? What of that mess of my life does he want me to organize? This way when he tells me to deep clean the house and really go to task I can. Also when He tells me to leave the mess for a day and meet with Him I can too (without guilt). This is so much freedom. I have time for everything because the expectations I place on myself are lifted. I no longer have to be a great cook, cleaner, wife, mom, grocery shopper, etc. I just have to be a good listenter. The rest is just obedience. I heard somewhere that Luther used to say that if he did not spend at least four hours in prayer each morning then he wouldn't have time for everything in his day. Wow! More God time does not equal more hours in the day. It just equals more precision in our choices for those hours. I like this... I am off to be quiet.


Ricci, Mission Viejo CA (yes,still) said...

Good advice, more time with God puts everything else into better perspective.

angelina joy said...


What a wonderful surprise to hear from you! Last time I saw you, you were prego with Israel...and now he is a handsome little man!

I am so glad you found me. I look forward to staying more connected through the world of blogging.