Thursday, August 23, 2007


It is Thursday and my son is screaming upstairs. Why? NAP TIME! For those of you who are wondering how screaming and nap time mix well... they don't. I am as stubborn as Israel is and Nap time it is. Or "rest time" as it is right now! We went to the 10-12 today and boy was it wonderful. Israel got to pray for Israel. Wonderful!

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Shealynn Benner said...

haha. I remember the days of fighting to take rest time with Angelina! I do believe she was 3. :) She still occasionally takes naps when I KNOW she needs a nap. Know what I mean? hehe. I stopped giving her regular naps shortly after she turned 3. It was just time to go to the occasional nap time. Then 6 months later she started school! And had no naps. Now that she is in Kindergarten... they have nap time every single day. Pretty funny how it turns out. :) She doesn't fight me *much* about napping anymore. One day our children will wish they could nap more often! :)