Thursday, October 18, 2007

late night revelation

Late night in my world means past 9:30. I am an AM person so the night belongs to Kurt and Cowboy and sometimes if I can have some afternoon coffee I join in. Tonight I had some coffee compliments of the Lewellen household. I have not blogged in a while not for lack of events but for lack of words. My heart is hitting hard prayer and intercession and my insides are being churned. We had our first prayer meeting last night with a new crew and I am left stunned at what God is doing, our jobs to pray, and the mercy and compassion of a complete Holy and perfect God. My living room the other night was so much fun. Sitting up til midnight with old friends talking and sharing about the judgement heart of God, disaster relief, revival and repentance and the great harvest were just a few things on the list. To sit and talk about these things is strange enough. To really enjoy our conversation and go deep in the Word and into the heart of God was completely out of this world (but somehow shouldn't be as we are truly supposed to be living for another kingdom). The kingdom is here and now and yet coming and not yet.
quote of the day from Israel:
"Let not your heart be troubled. Believe in God."

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