Friday, December 28, 2007

Long December

I am feeling a bit guilty after looking at a friends KC blog full of Snow Snow & more Snow. Israel & I opted to stay in Cali & let dad go back home to hug Mags & Cowboy, play Mr. Hotel cleaner & hostess, & work at One Thing. My morning went pretty much opposite. Iz & I booked it to Trader Joes, I love Bagels, and Wood's Cove for some run around in the surf. We were the only ones on the beach. It was so beautiful but we had to leave because of high tide coming in and our stairs going out of sight. We made it just in time and I even found a beautiful piece of green sea glass that I will surely keep looking at all winter long. This was a much needed rest after Christmas and a funeral yesterday. I love this precious time where my three year old wants to go to the beach with me & thinks I'm the coolest.

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Christina said...

i recommend going to Golden Spoon and Cultered Kitchen while you are there as well. i missed Cultered Kitchen on my visit, boohoo