Tuesday, February 19, 2008


It's 9am. Izzy is still in his jammies. It is a wonderful thing the washer/dryer. Modern inventions allow me to sit in my jammies til 9 drink a cup of coffee all while feeling so productive. I am not doing any projects (yet). Enjoying the morning. Israel is enjoying playing with his trains. It cracks me up. He comes to me and says:
Iz: "mom can I play with my trains?"
Me: "yes of course."
Iz: "No! Not until I clean up my cars."
Me: "um... ok buddy that is right. Great idea."
Iz: "Daddy says..."

Grammie Jan says Izzy is just like Kurto. She even labeled his drawers when he was little not for her but for him! He loved order. Like father like son. Izzy sure keeps me on my toes. If it weren't for Izzy the weekends kurt's out of town our house might explode.


Danielle said...

That Izzy sounds like a keeper. If you should change your mind about keeping him though please send him to my house. :)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of order, my jammies are officially in the wrong drawer again! Ha.