Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ask Martha

Martha Stewart says twice a year clean out the fridge grates and deep clean them. I didn't even know my refridgerater has grates. Is this for reals? On a side note Israel went to a Monster Truck show with Sean and Richard & his best pal Aiden. He had so much fun. The only pic I have seen is Aiden & Richard plugging their ears. Izzy told me "mom there were like Motorcycles and stuff and um, fire and stuff, and the guy had to get more oil, and we ate popcorn and watched motorcycles fly!" I kept asking him about any cars and trucks and he repeated to tell me "no mom - Motorcycles!" Thanks Sean for the treat! Today I am going to clean my house (getting ready for Kurto to come back). We have had a very nice weekend off. We went way to many places, drank free Starbucks and had fun with so many friends. Why is it always more fun to paint and clean other peoples houses? Perhaps I need a house cleaning party with friends here to motivate me (& clean my kitchen grates). Any takers? Come on over. I will be doing laundry til midnight and friends willing to swiffer or clean my bathtub get a great cup of coffee and a bit of dark chocolate. It was wonderful to be "out of the house" as Izzy calls it. Tomorrow back to the real world of schedules and routine and the gym!

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