Monday, February 18, 2008

the Big Mistake

Well it has been so busy around here. I have been really starting to enjoy my time around the house. I think my spirit is falling in rhythm with God's call for the season. Back in January praying for this upcoming year i felt His voice leading me to take the next six months and "get my house in order". This has had many meanings to me but as Sammy is going to preschool in June & I will no longer nanny this also has given me a timeline for entering into a new season. This week in the Prayer Room someone prayed over me and it was such an amazing time. She prayed Song of Solomon over me speaking about tending my brothers fields while my own field was in ruins. This also confirmed to me about "getting my house in order". My house is my home, the atmosphere that I raise Israel in, love Kurto in, and serve others in. It is also myself. The Holy Spirit lives in me and my body is the temple. I was deeply reminded this weekend that it is mandatory that I "get my house in order". Even though Kurto was gone this weekend again and my house was full of renters, projects, and messes everywhere I was able to take the time to do this. Sometimes this looks like reading the Word and meditating. Some times this looks like looking out my front window and waiting for His voice. Sometimes this looks like organizing a drawer or painting a closet. Whatever this getting my house in order looks like, I am finally able to rest in his wisdom of this time. Not trying to rush this project of my heart and home.

Now for the big mistake: I spray painted some closet doors rust red and ran out of paint. Big mistake. Big fumes. Big no no. Then I found a gallon of same shade red for $5 and painted over the mistake this weekend. I then sanded and distressed the doors. The result is wonderful! Kurto loves it too. I was kinda going for a manly rock & roll feel for his office.

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