Thursday, March 06, 2008


First I got this piece from a friend who got it from a garage sale. I was at that point afraid of painting it.
Next I was on an all black kick. (and I just relized I have no pictures of this phase.) I painted the two doors first then decided to get spraypaint for the rest. First shiny the rest flat. It was ok for a while.
Finally... the grand finalle. I love this stage the most. I mixed leftover white glossy paint, a bit of aqua to make it aged, and some orangish brown (just a dab). I then sanded some rough spots to make it look old. After I finished this I decided it needed to be behind a brown wall. So I painted my the renters room brown with leftover Kurto's office paint. All it needed was some flowers on top and I am one happy girl.


Ricci said...

LOVE IT! I'm on a black kick right now but I love the freshness of white, looks great with the aged flair!

Christina said...

looking good!