Friday, March 21, 2008

Back seat

Izzy & I were coming home yesterday from who knows where and the conversation went as follows... (mind you he is three going on 30 - just like his daddy!)
Izzy when we get home (we were like two minutes away) you are going to take a nap.
Iz "mom I don't need a nap (insert random whining)"
Me "Iz no whining blah blah blah... you need to have a good attitude and obey."
Iz (after about one minute)OK mom! Can I take a nap please? I can't wait to take a nap!!!
Me (practically glowing with pride in my obedient son & my wonderful momness)"Israel I am so proud of you. It makes mommy's heart so happy when you obey and have a happy (insert quiet giggling from the back seat) attitude"
Iz: (bursting with laughing now) "Mom I was joking. Just joking. I REALLY want a nap! (ha ha ha. More giggling)
Me: a bit confused but laughing at the humor of my little one. Three years old and the sarcasm is being used! I wonder who he gets that from (dad!?). It was a great moment... until we went inside and nap time really did happen and our little inside joke was a thing of the past.


Ricci said...

Oh the little world of a 3 year old. I love the developing sense of humor that falls apart if too closely inspected, little sweetie!!

Christina said...

this is a great story!! makes me think of today..."Home home on the range..."