Friday, March 14, 2008


It is Friday here. Spring break has been such a wonderful week. Kurto has been home all week without class! Horray for some time off. Blogging has been out of the picture as we have been out and about, busy and out of town. Last weekend I did some flowers up in Iowa for a friends wedding. Five hours up, one hour wedding, five hours back. It was a long drive but Kurto and I had some great talks, ate sunflower seeds and some A&W rootbeer. Time alone with Kurto was worth it. Our good friends from Chicago were in town (better yet at our home! Horray for friends getting married!) as well, and also some Jojo and her Sammy were in from Germany. We had some of Kurto's famous breakfast for dinner with them and only one of us threw up. (sorry sam). This week has been good for reflecting on things, going to the park now that it is officially spring (don't talk about the snow report tomorrow), and spring cleaning (as always right?). As Kurto and I have been spring cleaning out our closets, and our cabnets around here I am always wrestling with how do I have so much? How can I simplify? Why did I keep that all year when I never used it etc. It feels so good to declutter but then why do I have to do it later as well? I guess this is the never ending process of life. My goals this year are to do with less, give more away, and have more time to be outside with Izzy playing in the yard rather than playing 21 pick up with odds and ends in my house that I really just transfer from room to room. On that note - any suggestions for all those art and craft supplies that are scattered on top of my fridge? Where are these things usually kept in a house? If I put them in Israel's room then I might have an art project on the walls. On top of the fridge makes me cranky. In the hall closet seems like I won't take them out cause of extra effort. hmmm....

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