Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The culprit; 1/2 lab 1/2 german shorthair

Meet Magnum. He looks pretty innocent here but this picture was taken pre-cream puff extravaganza. Izzy and I call him Magiemoonie. Kurto wanted to make him sound tough so Magnum was the name but leave it to me and Iz to soften it up. Here are some fun Magnum facts.

* Magnum was the runt of the litter
* I got magnum for $5 at a garage sale
* I didn't tell Kurto I got a dog (Surprise! Isn't my husband wonderful? I am noticing I have a pattern of surprises now that I think about it.)
* Magnum matches our cat, cowboy. They love (tolerate) each other. Each has cute white spots on their chest
* Magnum's favorite snack is popcorn (and cream puffs)
* Magnum thinks he is a cat and often is found sitting on my lap
* when Mags was 4 months old he got out and got lost in the snow. We found him 3 days later. Apparently he wanted to go visit the justice house of prayer and the other side of red bridge.
* Magnum can't wait to meet his grandma and auntie.


Ricci said...

We had a pure bred german short-haired pointer and had to give him up because he was too smart for us, he got into lots of trouble. With Magnum being a mix you shouldn't have nearly as many problems. He is a beautiful dog and sounds pretty resiliant ( 3 days in the snow, yikes!)

Katie said...

Too bad that cream puff eater is so cute... makes it hard to be mad at him! :)