Thursday, May 01, 2008


If you haven't tuned into the revival going on in Florida it is worth the time. Go to and check it out on the webstream from 7-11 (eastern time). God is really moving. His mercy has visited our nation in a way that my heart is searching to understand. I have never seen revival before & this one is no exception to all my expectations (preconceived notions, judgements, and anticipations). My heart has been found weeping this week and watching. I am happy at this point in my spirit of asking questions, asking the Holy Spirit what are you doing, and finding that He does move in ways that are foreign to me but a delight to my heart that the same God who came to earth, broke bread with disciples, healed the sick, raised the dead & died for our sins is the same yesterday, today, & forever. His presence is here and it is very real. I am mixed with fear and trembling, rejoicing & questions. A lot to pray through these days. All I know is that I want His presence to come.

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