Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Fathers Day Kurto

Happy Me day, I mean Happy Father's Day Kurto. I keep reading all these incredible blogs about Fathers Day. We did this, my kids gave my husband that, we had the best memories ever sort of thing. Well maybe we'll have to do a Father's Day in Dec thing. Just like when your birthday is on Christmas and everyone is centered on anything but you. So our day went like this

forgot to send cards to any and all fathers this year
woke up barfing. So much for "oh honey you sleep in, I'll get up with Izzy".
took a nap by 11am (missed church too. who needs to be spiritually uplifted on Father's day? just kidding.)
barfie all day. layed on couch.
Kurto took Israel so I could rest
Kurto finally got out of the house to play frisbee golf with a friend by 4pm
gave Kurto the worlds best dad speech around 6pm, cried and watched a sappy movie by myself.
bedtime by 8pm

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Shealynn Benner said...

By the way, you may not have physically given Kurt a gift, but I'd say you're currently carrying it. :) In your belly.