Tuesday, July 08, 2008

In & Out

Things that are in:
waking up still around 3am nauseous
apple juice
green grapes
all things berry
turkey sandwiches
going to the park with Izzy before it gets melting hot
having flowers on my kitchen table & not having to arrange them & give them away
captain crunch
the Walmart $10 pool in my backyard
Book of Proverbs

Things that are out:
any type of citrus (this was so in last week but not any more)
laundry of any type
making my bed (why when nap time is only a few hours away?)
green apples
barfing 24/7 - now it is more like 2or3/7 Hurray!

1 comment:

Ricci said...

Cute post, glad the barfing is going down in quantity ;)