Saturday, September 13, 2008

Texas Bound

While thousands of people are evacuating Texas my husband & a friend are headed down that way. Please pray for safety. Kurto will be in Dallas doing worship at a little house of prayer & back again tomorrow. So far today I have played trains, colored & lost at Candy Land. It is another rainy day here. Last night was more exciting as we had some family time in our basement while tornado sirens blared. Oh the fun that never ends here in MO. Izzy and I are off to a birthday party this afternoon and I couldn't be more excited for that and nap time. Somebody thinks I am buddy of the day which is a wonderful award in itself but a mom's got to have a minute. It is a tricky day outside. Looks cozy and rainy but it is almost 80 out. Enough of this I'm ready for fall and pumpkins and soup. Speaking of which I think I'll go over to the Lewellens and beg Richard for more of his famous tomato soup. More on that post later. I also had a revelation this week about Thursdays. I love Thursdays. Prayer in the morning has earmarked my week & paced my pregnancy. Each time I go in I think ok I can make it through one more week (think last pregnancy and you'll understand my fears). Last pregnancy with Izzy Thursdays were important too. I celebrated with my mom and she made fantastic desserts. We celebrated each week that he stayed in my belly. This week on Thur I made the connection of the two pregnancies. I am so blessed to be where I am surrounded by prayer. I wouldn't mind a dessert or two from my mom either but Kansas City is so much farther from my moms house than my Laguna Niguel apartment was.


Shealynn Benner said...

Any word on gender? :)

Aron & Suz said...

praying for his safety. like i said, if you are ever with him and he is coming this way again, give us a call! we are so close. very cool connection between Thursdays for this pregnancy and last. you'll have to fill me in on your pregnancy with Izzy.