Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Waiting Game

Israel woke up this morning and told me "mom I thought Aubrey was coming after Christmas!" Seems like we are all waiting around here for a very special person. I was getting a bit anxious until yesterday. I went to the prayer room and Debbie Mills, the most mothering wonderful woman who truly has prayed me through this pregnancy found me, soaked me in prayer, and spoke to my heart. She encouraged me to look forward to Aubrey's destiny. Aubrey's perfect appointed time to be born that is already written in the books of heaven. I have found some rest in this finally (even if my tired body has not found rest). I am eager to press on in the days ahead and look forward to her coming with joy and anticipation of what beauty my creator has in store for me to see. I get to enjoy forever his personal handy work of intricate creation through my daughter. Although I am counting the days I have found a renewed strength through his Spirit to have peace.


theSanchez' said...

What a wonderful perepective! I can't wait to hear about her arrival!

Aron & Suz said...

encouraging words for me, too! thanks for sharing.