Wednesday, April 15, 2009

more from room 317

I got kurto's ipod a few days back and am amazed at the power of worship. My mind has been renewed. It is hard to always dig into the Word during a trial. I am thankful to let the music minister to my heart and simply praise God for being on the throne still in control. My days are still long but I am reminded the last few days to pray and I am comforted by the Holy Spirit at work in room 317, caring for me. I read a Psalm that is common to most. As the deer panteth for the water so my soul longeth after thee... a common song and psalm yet next says "my tears have been my food night and day". This resonated with my heart as I am yet able to eat truly my tears have sustained me in a good way. How do people get through without the Lord? I see many sick here. I walk around the nurses station many times a day and see the same people day after day walking as well. I can feel Jesus compassion for the sick as he walked through the multitudes. I am longing for a day of healing to break out. I am also reminded of CA and how truly weak we are here. It is like my body, appearing to be ok for months on end and yet I know that suddenly a day will come when all will break out and what is on the inside of the people will be revealed just like my sick insides. Yes I am reminded of many things here. I have much time to process. Some times this is good & sometimes bad. I am surrounded by so much prayer and so much kindness here with the body of Christ and my family. Although I am away from my children they are doing great and being loved. Today I am able to be thankful. On a sickness note my levels will be checked again tomorrow. I was given juice yesterday for the first time in three weeks I drank something. I was able to keep it down with no nautia and so this is a GREAT sign that my body though slow is being restored. Please keep me in prayer. Love to all.


Anonymous said...

We are praying for you. thanks for your thoughts :) bart and krista

Norwood Mama said...


We are praying for you. If we were local, we'd come visit for sure. In the meantime, we love you...and your beautiful family.