Monday, May 18, 2009

At home & Happy

Today is a milestone for me. I am at home. By myself. With my two kids. My mom did stop by to check in with me & take a certain four year old out for a bike ride. I am learning day by day how much I can do & how much I have to rest. Actually in opposite order. I really am taking things really slow. Israel is reacting funny to me being home. It as if he is just realizing he is not the only child. Even though Aubrey is almost four months she & Israel have been separated for most of the past 3 months here while I have been in the hospital. Adjustments. Adjustments. (interrupted by a 4 year old... "mom do you know what a worm pool is? It's a lot of water going round and round.") Anyways, on that note I am off to the couch to rest and feed a hungry little squish.


Ricci said...

Wow! Glad you are home and happy! Rest up and I totally know what you mean about the 2 kid adjustment, at least Isreal is old enough to understand what is happening a little bit...Still praying for a full recovery!

Katie said...

I am so glad things are becoming "normal" again. What a sweet Izzy observation... worm pool, ha!