Friday, June 05, 2009

naughty me

I just got myself a tall vanilla latte. Heaven. On. Earth. Oh my I have been in a blur the past few weeks playing full time mommy. This morning is my half birthday and so needing to celebrate I threw all health to the wind and got myself a latte. I needed it after staying up last night baking two pumpkin pies. Did I say health? They are for my family. I don't even really like pumpkin pies. Just the smell and the remembrance that fall is my favorite. I think I'll miss KC most come October. We are off to the desert today after kurto gets off work. I am so excited to go rest for a bit and celebrate life & family. Off to give Aubrey a bath... formula babies require much more bathing as the smell of old formula in chubby folds stinks to high heaven! It triggers my gag reflex many a night.


Danielle said...

Send her to me. I'll wash those stinky little rolls. :)

Marci Lewellen said...

The latte couldn't have been the same without me :( I miss you too much!