Monday, July 20, 2009

Catching Up

I thought I'de post a little catch up here. It has been a few snapshots here and there but today a little of what we have been up to. February found us with a new daughter and a cross country move. March found us unpacking for two weeks trying to settle in and then an emergency situation of my health. I was at Mission Hospital until the end of April with severe pancreatitus and surgery for my gallbladder. Apparently my gallbladder had more than 16 stones lodged in it and one got stuck in my pancreas causing infection, cysts, and major distress on my body. I literally almost could have died from toxic shock. My levels for my pancreas read somewhere around 7000 initially. (regular is 128ish) For this I win the prize of being one of the worst case in the history of Mission Hospital. May came with readjustment of being home with two kids. Israel had a really hard time transitioning. Too many changes. It was as though he was just discovering he had a sister. (my mom had Aubrey full time during my hospital stay). June and July have been wonderful. We are thankful to be healthy around here, getting into a routine, and discovering the joy of being a family of four. Israel will start kindergarten in the fall. Kurto & I have also been attempting to figure out how and what specifically our calling is here in Orange County. After almost five years at the House of Prayer we feel blessed to be back home yet long for the community and ministry we left. Kurt has taken two shifts at the house of prayer here locally and also is leading worship on Sunday nights for our church. I am joining him on Tue nights now & am thankful to be able to worship God together. He is working full time at a temporary job and currently looking for employment. We are also in the process of starting back up my flower business. Our heart is to be able to be committed to helping serve the prayer room here in as full time capacity as possible. We are attempting to figure this out on a daily practical level. We have had wonderful visitors lately and so enjoy the fellowship of old friends. Anyone wanting to come visit the ocean and join us in prayer for south orange county give us a call.

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Jeff and Robin said...

When you get the flower thing up and going, let me know. I have a girlfriend in the area who is a big time wedding planner. I'm sure she would be able to throw some business your way.