Wednesday, July 01, 2009

life as it is

Well life has seemed to have slipped by me lately. I swore that this would not happen to me moving back to the "busy" OC. I have what "perfect days" would look like in my home. Balanced. Time with the Lord, time interacting with my children, Kurto, dinner made, house cleaned, maybe some creative outlet craft done, prayer time, business ideas for my flowers, etc. etc. When one looks at Proverbs 31 it seems like this woman did this every day. She didn't sleep. Burned her oil late, rose early to feed her family, bought a field, etc. etc. I just learned that Prov 31 was written like an acronym from collective wisdom from all of Proverbs. (Wisdom looks like this, wisdom looks like that) It was encouraging to me that I don't have to do everything at once, or everything at all. My balance must come from listening to the Lord and doing what he has called me to do for each moment. I can schedule but He must direct. That being said yesterday after a much needed good catch up on life and what it holds conversation with Kurto Israel & I headed out on an adventure. I love this kid & I love this God we have that made the ocean so blue and the sky so random and beautiful.

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Christina said...

Oh I miss Israel!