Sunday, August 09, 2009

Post Birthday Therapy

starting the morning out right

How did Israel's night night get in the freezer with the glow stick?

We all know that as a kid birthday parties are magical, fun & full of everything childhood should be (minus broken promises from your mother about having a bonfire on a Saturday, in August, on the outrigger races day for Dana Point Harbor). Being a child means waking up to presents, planning your own birthday menu, & staying up way too late eating sugar. Being a parent means buying party favors at Wallmart at 9:30pm, making a birthday shirt at 11pm, recycling trader joes bags into birthday wrapping paper at 11:30pm & making a Thomas cake with your mother in law. Israel's birthday did not go exactly as planned but the interupptions were well worth it. We ended up parking it at my parents house and let the kids run free on the golf course, go night swimming and all in all having a fun time. Kurto & I were so thankful to be in CA this year, surrounded by family and cousins. It is now the day after the party. The day where you let your house go to pieces enjoying that your child is entertained by himself for two hours while you get to clean up (or while you webstream the prayer room, drink starbucks & get hooked reading up on sappy blogs. Hey if Kurto is off surfing then I am too.)

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Christina said...

you can imagine that i am not happy at all with missing Izzy's birthday this year. grrrrrrrr i will have to celebrate it with him next time i come to town, a little cake and little lovin' and a little laughin'. Enjoy Izzy for me till i get to see him again. Happy Birthday My Pal Izzy! xoxo