Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Is it Saturday yet?

Day one of kindergarten:
walk to school. Israel falls. Hurts his shin. Cries the entire mile up to school. Wants me to sit with him on the colored rug. (not gonna happen). sits on the colored rug by himself. raises his hand in attendance then looks over and gives me the thumbs up (I love this kid). Goes out on the playground while I have the "welcome back to school and to having grumpy kids who have to walk to school and hate kindergarten talk". Pick up Izzy to walk home. (a boy threw sand at me and I don't like school talk the whole way home).

Day two of kindergarten:
Israel cries before leaving the house. I pack up his lunch box with seven mushy grapes and some old crackers. we walk to school where Izzy is frustrated that I did not think to bring water (wait til he sees his snack I'm thinking). Izzy cries at the point where he has to walk on the grass and not the curb. I drop off Izzy way too excited that I get to go to Trader Joes with a sleeping baby by myself. 11:15 comes and I go to pick up Izzy. He sees me and silently walks to me where he grabs my hand and starts sobbing. Somewhere on the walk home he mutters something about timeout, talking too much and sitting by his teacher rather than his friends. That was right after he asked me if tomorrow was Saturday.


Christina said...

i am laughing right now!!! i love Iz!

The McKays said...

Sounds like the beginning of a children's book. Sorry it was a rough start!

Ricci said...

So stinkin' cute. I always pray that my boys will get teachers who have a heart for boys. Boys are just different, teachers who don't know boys just don't get them. You just might have to be his advocate, Miles was this way too at pre-school, they settle in after a week of learning the rules...Good luck, I totally get it!