Friday, September 25, 2009

Making Dave Ramsey Proud

Ok so I have this new friend. We have been friends now since March. To be honest I really am not that fond of this friend. We keep in contact often sometimes by phone, but mostly we are pen pals. This friend works at one of the best resorts in OC that is sometimes referred to as Mission Hospital. This friend keeps reminding me just how awesome my stay was and is always trying to tell me how much my tab was. Anyhow I am trying to cut off all relationship with this friend. Time to move on. So in this friends honor I am selling aprons. ALL proceeds will go directly towards paying this friend off and ending the unhealthy relationship I have in order that this friend does not call more friends who will call me hundreds of times a day. yada. yada. yada.

So if anyone is interested I can make these in any color and combination you like. They have an adjustable neck strap and tie at the waist. They also have big pockets perfect for picking up recipee cards, pens, money, or any army men you find laying around the house. Please give me some input here and any opinions for creativity would be appreciated. I thought these would make the perfect Christmas gift, shower gift or if you want to make someone really happy just drop one by like my sister did for me. They are $28 each. I will mail them to you for free.

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Christina said...

Dave Ramsey and Martha Stewart!