Wednesday, December 09, 2009

"The Man"

In my grandma and papa's house by their front door there stood "the man". He is tall, dark, not handsome, and a little creepy.

He is made of solid mahogany. The legend has it that he was made as a replica of a knight from a famous castle in Spain. My great grandfather did construction and got him as payment for one of his jobs. However he came to live at the Turners home we now just can't part with him. He used to carry a sword from the civil war, have a ball and chain lamp with blue gems above his head and wear a Santa hat at Christmas time. I always loved the man. When my mom cleaned out my grandparents house a few years back the man came to live in Laguna Niguel. He stayed in their guest room. When I stayed there after the hospital stay for a week I would often wake up in the middle of the night and get panicked as in the shadows there was a 6ft tall figure of a man standing in the room. After much convincing (and some safety issues for toddlers) we convinced my mom that the man should retire to the closet. He is not easy to move, yet somehow my sister and I managed to dance with him along the way. Lets just say it was midnight, we were tired, and the sillyness factor had definitely set in.

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