Monday, January 04, 2010

for all my freezing friends in KC

Today was Gorgeous! The clouds were magnificent! The ocean was incredible. I told you I'm sticking to my new years resolutions this year! It's January and my kids are barefoot!

today was a mothers dream for little boys who need to be free outside and little girls who love to make faces in the fresh air. We took some sandwiches down to the bluffs today. We saw one other person and Israel counted five cars total. It was perfect. I am reminded how beautiful the land is around me and I am able to freely enjoy God's creation with my children! What a gift! Miss Aubrey has a million funny faces to go along with her million rolls. This girl is chunkalicious let me tell you. Israel couldn't be bothered for his picture to be taken. He was doing laps around the bluff in his own little boy world.


Danielle said...

Those funny faces! Those sweet legs! I need a bite of that girl!

The McKays said...

love the new pis of the kiddos. have you seen pics of Curren lately? I think he and Aubrey resemble eachother. you'll have to tell me if you see it! :) yeah beach!!

Jocelynalice said...

what about your freezing friends in germany!?