Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A day in the mind of Israel.

Izzy always has a lot to say. He is clever, bold, funny & kind with his words. I decided to write them down all day and let others see how fun it is to be Israel's mom. He is always surprising me with his words. I love this boy.

1) mom shouldn't we check the Popsicles? (6am)
2) mom don't you miss the weather report?
3) If I start to like (tree) bark & eat it a bunch maybe that will help my tooth to fall out faster. (in total seriousness)
4) "Mom want to hear me count to a hundred?" "not right now iz" (pause 20 seconds) "ok how bout backwards?"
5)"mom what is a 'soup can'?" ... " a can that holds soup Iz." "No mom a 'suit can'?" "umm..." "mom what is so funny? Mom what is a suit can?"
6)"knock knock. who's there? Boo. Boo who? (repeat three times). Knock knock. Who's there? Orange." (that was it)
7) (talking about heavenly rewards) "mom are some of the rewards in heaven going to be gold?" "maybe" "or jewels?" "maybe" "Or secret cupcakes?" "um..."

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