Thursday, May 06, 2010

Kansas City & the Ocean

Kansas City pulls on my heart. So does the ocean. Why God didn't put an ocean by Kansas City is often a pondering of my heart. It could be called the Missoura Ocean. Last week I had a very long travel week. The days in between were precious refreshment to my soul. The getting there and back were not. Lets just say that I booked my ticket not on South West the best airline ever. I booked a day before I went on a cheap I must be crazy to book my ticket here web sight. Here are a series of events that I hope will make you laugh. I sure had too.
Getting to Kansas City:
- book my flight with two kids
- discover I have to pay 25 bucks per bag to fly
- take the challenge of caring two carry on bags, a stroller, car seat, diaper bag & 15 month old plus an awesome 5 year old all on the plane. I figure that $50 is better spent on Starbucks with friends in Kansas City and well worth the effort
- night before flight up all night with barfing 15month old
- nauseous myself
- beg the airlines to let me change my flight. Conversation as follows
"hi my child is barfing nonstop and I am supposed to leave in six hours. Can you please get me a later flight?"
"We would be glad to... that will be $300 dollars please"
" I hope my child vomits all over the flight attendant and passengers so that everyone can see what excellent customer service you have." (not my finest hour)
- make it through the flight. While the flight attendant holds Aubrey for me while I put the stroller together Israel informs her "my sister barfed three times today. She is sooooooo sick with the barfs." Awesome!
- get to KC at 11:30pm. Marci picks me up and Israel barfs tons all over her car. Marci thanks me for the opportunity to wash her car that needed it & she is so sincere I believe her. Only a Lewellen could do this.

Week in between filled with friends, house of prayer, mowing my old lawn, touch up paint, Starbucks & some incredible awakening meetings. I really liked the Holy Spirit party my favorite.

flight home:
- wake up at 4am to get ready to fly out by6am
- miss my 6am flight after not being able to find my id. I am so lame. Wallet searching party goes back to bed til 8am.
- call airlines again to reschedule my missed flight.
- "that will be 300 dollars"
- cry. ask for supervisor. cry ask for supervisors supervisor. cry ask for supervisors supervisors supervisor. Get someone named Ruby who was so helpful.
- get on flight out of KC.
- during 40 minute layover decide that while carrying all items mentioned above that adding to cups of frozen yogurt would be a great idea.
- informed that boarding starts immediately. Make Aubrey walk & try my best to get on board. Frantically try and wipe up frozen yogurt spilled on aisle 4. Notice that Israel has been booked three rows behind my seat. Ask flight attendant for help. Told to wait. Ask lady to switch seats with me so my five year old and I can sit together. Get denied. Stewardess ask her if she would like a front row seat. She obliges. Finally get home to Kurto Kurto my love of my life. Yeah!
- instead of go back to the reality that I have no groceries I decide that Disneyland sounds like a great idea. (much like the frozen yogurt. Sounds wonderful but maybe shouldn't have).

I am one tired momma!!! More details about IHOP later. You don't want to miss what is going on in KC. Tune in to the awakening meetings Wed - Sat night to watch for free at

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Jocelynalice said...

i love you Katchen! you make me laugh! happy mother's day!