Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Makes me smile

Israel kept asking if he could help me make bananna bread today. Finally I got out everything to make it. I turned around to find an additional helper too. Izzy got the biggest kick out of this. Isn't it fun to be five?

Things are going well here considering we are a bit sickie still. Today I am remembering to be thankful for my little ones. Usually I give Izzy just a quick squeeze of bubble bath but today I was feeling a bit wild. I put tonz of bubbles in his bath and threw in Aubrey for a good laugh. They loved it & it made me smile. Why have I been holding out on Spongebob bubble bath? Its like using the good china. Sometimes you just need to use it. We also had fun playing with water in the backyard today. This year Israel & I planted sweet peas the week we moved in & now they are in glorious bloom! They are my favorite flower and make me think of my mom & great grandma when I look on my patio. I love how God gives us beautiful small things to get us through the day like bubbles & & blue eyed babies & sweet peas & strep throat. Oh yeah. Thank you Jesus for antibiotics.

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Jocelynalice said...

your kids are adorable.