Monday, July 19, 2010

oh these two are so much fun.

This is such a funny picture. The kids are just hanging out on the stairs. The captions I could think of on Israel's face are unending...
Perhaps he is trying to think of his outfit for Costco later that day which ended up being his snowboarding tshirt, lego starwars swim trunks, & superhero cape. I thought twice about it when he got out of the car but then thought to myself, "He's only gonna be free to be that dorky for a while. Let him rock it." and he did. He was so chatty to all the sample people telling everyone about VBS & basketball camp & why he is a vegetarian but likes bacon. I love this kid.

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Petty Mayonnaise said...

hey good decision! Let them wear what ever they want, these are the things that let your kids creat their OWN personality!!!
BTW they are super cute!