Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Kurto & I have been through so much together. We met when I was a senior in high school at Starbucks. (hence our loyal support ever since) I think often times people say to wait to get married to "find out who you are" and to me me I think that is part of the beauty of marriage. Marriage develops who you are in the context of serving one another, challenging one another & growing together. I am so thankful for this journey of the last ten years of marriage. Kurto is the funniest person I know. Last night he comes into the garage as I was painting. I ask him "do you like it?" His words, "I thought you were gonna paint them white..." "well I thought I LOVE the blue" "Katchen lets be honest..."
"I am being honest. Don't you like the blue?"
"Were you out of white?"
"Was the only color you had blue because it was a mismatch 5 bucks?"
"Were you being impatient and needed to paint and wanted to get it done and settled on blue?"
This man has me figured out. I can't hide anything. He knows me so well. He loves me so well.

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The McKays said...

Love it!! I so can relate...it's amazing to be so loved and known by our spouses.