Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oh yes she did.

I should have known.

Aubrey has never been like her brother. But that is the way God made her. Special. Crazy. Fun. Jumps off the top stairs and doesn't look back fun. Breaks her crib and climbs out kinda girl. She is cute as ever & loves to laugh at life. I should have known potty training would be training for me.
Potty training at my house has gone like this...
Aubrey pees on the floor.
Aubrey pees on the carpet.
Aubrey pees on the toilet only if she gets to flush 10 times.
It has been an awesome few weeks. Israel was potty trained within three days. I took him on an airplane after two weeks of potty training with no accidents. Either I am crazy or he is superkid or Aubrey is not ready or I am not so with it but the following scene describes why I was at Costco this week with a $5 coupon for 7000 huggies.
- I was upstairs getting dressed. Aubrey was downstairs wearing really cute kitty cat underwear. Underwear that was so cute that it curbed any common sense I might have had in letting my two days into potty training little downstairs unsupervised. After years of Thomas and lightning McQueen what can I say? I am a sucker for hearts, kitty cats, and pink polka dot little girl underwear. Anyhow, Aubrey loves to watch baby shows in the morning (baby Einstein) and this particular day she opened a bottom drawer (the one that has ALL of our movies) stood in it (in order to reach the tv) and...
Oh my goodness I get grossed out thinking about it! Actually when I see this flashback the thing I remember most is a little boy's voice screaming in complete horror "My Starwars!" So what to do? Lysol the heck out of the puddle drawer. Get a book at Walmart to store all the DVDs in. Trash the cases. Thanks Aubrey for helping me simplify and condense the DVDs for the new year. Check that off the list.

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Christina said...

yay! now i can start buying her undies!