Friday, March 25, 2011

My hair

This morning I read a great article put out by voice of the martyrs about Western "problems". It was really a great article about how in the west in general we worry about things that aren't really problems yet we constantly create problems or think that they are genuine problems and then spend our time and resources solving these "problems". The article hit my heart in a very real way. We might worry about whether we let our kids have too much juice when a mother in a third world country is worried about getting enough water for her child. Or we as a church might worry about if we will be capable to purchase a youth bus to get youth group kids to and from events, concerts or camps. Other nations are worrying about whether their youth will show up or be killed trying to reach the meetings. Anyhow it was a powerful article and it made me think about how trivial my heart goes in and out of the course of what's really important. Some moments through the day I feel in tune to the kingdom of God. In touch with the whispers of heaven. Other times I am fixated on my table being off centered or my walls needing to be painted. To further explain this I will give you an example of one my "problems". Lately I have been reading a blog. I like this blog and get inspired a lot by her products, family values etc. She links up on Wednesdays and calls it What I wore Wed. She started the post to motivate herself to get out of her sweats, be more presentable, productive and take care of herself more. I admire that and have secretly thought about linking up. Except I began to think about what my "outfits" would consist of. My pictures would include something like this:
- hoodie. black sweats. Rainbows.
- hoodie. grey sweats. Rainbows.
- Kurt's hoodie. Pajama pants. slippers.
- hoodie. Work out pants. Rainbows.
- hoodie... JEANS. (just to mix it up) Rainbows.
- Sweater. Jeans. (church deserves a sweater don't ya think?) Rainbows. Black target flip flops if I am feeling fancy.
I secretly have hoped for years that I would be nominated for What Not to Wear. I really do have an eye for color, textures, flowers and anything three dimensional dealing with art. I know that it is one of my giftings. However clothes I am absolutely dumbfounded about. I see other people wearing cute things and I just can not put two and two together. It is the strangest thing. Anyhow someone always has told me that it is not so much what a person is wearing but if they do their hair that really matters (concerning appearance anyways). But that brings my "problem" to an entirely new level of concern. Last night as I was working I was watching American Idol (yes i watch that show while I lablel stickers at night for my work) I realized something. Steven Tyler has my exact same hair! No other person I know has my hair. I have crazy hair and have always had hair issues. And Steven Tyler has my exact same hair. Except his has feathers and ribbon and string tied up in it. Hmm...(

So what do you think? Any hair cuts that would be better off? I've been trying to grow out my hair for a year now. It is actually longer straight but curly it seems to take years to grow a few inches. I have straight front and crazy back. These are really important problems concerning me in this age and hour that I live in while here in California. Please send sound Biblical counsel. Or a stylist. Or Stacy and Clinton.


Krista said...

You crack me up!!!!!!!!!!!

Krista said...

Ps. I still dont think that blogger evwr wore swears haha but i like it!! And i watch A Idol too wooohooo

The Weaver Family said...

Krista you crack me up! And you have great hair. I remember. I am good at spotting great hair. Just not having great hair.

Robin said...

Do you know Lindsey? I know her through my husband. She is very down to earth. I like her a lot. Great hair is relative. I'm thankful I have it. It's been chilly out... can you imagine if for some reason we were bald? Thank goodness for my limp, flat, needs-a-cut hair.

Danielle said...

I just keep my hair in the eternal ponytail. It's pretty sad.

Jocelynalice said...

you are amazing. thank you katchen for making my day.