Sunday, April 03, 2011

Have a great Sunday

Kurto is doing worship tonight for the monthly prayer meeting at our church so we are having a relaxing morning here at home. Israel is on a coloring kick. Today it is iron man.

I am coffee in hand paintbrush in another. It's gonna be a great day. I made a little banner for Easter. Rather than decorate with traditional things I really love bringing out things that will turn my heart towards the cross and towards the celebration Jesus. We do Easter baskets for the kids later but primarily I tend to focus on simple spring decorations that celebrate this season of life bursting forth. This banner is just scrap paper that was pretty spring colors. I sewed it straight across and then Israel and I chose words that described this season and holiday. We chose the words, "joy, life, risen, hope, eternal, spring, and gift". I really like how it brings something cheery and meaningful to our table.


The McKays said...

beautiful banner! i am with you; keep decor simple, and focus on the meaning of this season. do you know how to make Easter cookies that tell the story Christ? i have a recipe if you want it. very cool! i think Iz would LOVE it.

The Weaver Family said...

Of course I would love that. Will you fb message me it or something? Hope you are well!