Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Its me that is the problem

So I don't really have anything to blog lately. I am pushing to finish school with a heart that is unto the Lord because Israel is reading and I could really care less to do one more spelling test or measure my kitchen chair using paper clips, cubes and centimeters. But I am asking the Lord to count in unto righteousness and so I press forward asking things that sound so lame out loud. "Israel is furry describe the bear? That makes it a what?" "Israel does that end in ly or ful? That makes it a what?" Oh my goodness. One thing I do know is that there is a reason that teaching is a gift. This home school journey has not gone anything like I had anticipated. I am just being honest here. I have seen the good the bad and the ugly in myself and my child. We are finishing the race in t minus 14 week days (not that I am counting). It has been stretching. I am thankful we did it and thankful to be done. Amen. Lets stand. Now for other thoughts of late I don't have many.
- mothers day I went to church and heard an amazing message about women often in scripture being the first to encounter with the Holy Spirit and to proclaim the destiny of their children prophetically and to really understand their callings. I loved this message so so much.
- I desire to understand the special calling that the Lord has for each of my children. To be in tune to the Holy Spirit and how He leads individually for them. To be a proponent of their gifts, callings and to push them head into encountering it.
- I also have congratulated myself on my lack of baking although my golden spoon consumption has increased with the beach weather.
- We have been swimming every single day
- Aubrey is taking swimming lessons and screams the entire time.
- I painted three things this week. Kurto came into the garage after I had distressed the huge armoire, stained it, and put a wash over it. He said "huh. I guess distressed is in style but I preferred it just painted." I didn't say a word and then angrily sanded and repainted in the garage for an hour. I put girly knobs on it and actually he was right. One color was better. I might be a sensitive painter these days. Watch out.
- I took two trips to goodwill this week. I hide old toys in the bottom of the box. Mind you these are things Israel would never really miss play with or touched in a few years. However, the good will guy unloaded the box as I was still getting my receipt pulling away and Israel saw something and started crying and I was like "Oh my goodness how in the world did that get in there? I can't believe it? Don't worry Israel I will handle this" Then I had to ask the man to go into the truck and go into the cage and get said item back. Yes I am a liar. Yes I am so busted. Yes Israel totally believed me. Wow I am a terrible person.
- Kurto and I had a discussion about how even though we love to get rid of things and live simply and not be sentimental about everything does not mean that our children function the same way. We need to include them in the process of giving things away, not sneak them out. We also need to let them have choices to be a bit more sentimental while keeping the level of simplicity that we think is wisdom in our home. This is a fine line because sometimes a six year old loves junk and doesn't want to get rid of any of the five hundred starwars colored pages. Goodness.
- potty training week one started with throwing up and uncontrollable you know what. Why does potty training mock me so?
- potty training week two has gone exceptionally well. Aubrey only peed at my friends house on in the kitchen and on the patio two times today. Awesome.


Jocelynalice said...

Katchen, I love your blog. Thanks for writing it. :)

Ashley said...

You are awesome. I love your honesty as it rings very true with my experience of mothering. :) Hope to see you this summer!