Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hide your toothbrushes please.

The first thing I heard when I entered my sister-in-laws house today was her girls running up the stairs. Then I preceded to hear "mom we hid the toothbrushes!". No joke. They know far too well. Had I known Aubrey's fascination with toothbrushes I would have invested in Colgate Stock. This week was topped off with the worst yet as far as toothbrushes go. You see as much as Aubrey loves toothbrushes she also loves the toilet. Gross. I understand. I HATE this. I have bought no less than 30 new toothbrushes in the past six months. Last week the toilets started to back up. Not work. I had my suspicions. Both upstairs toilets. Now we are renting so no big deal right? Except when the plumber came yesterday afternoon and three hours later and two toilets apart in each room he said something that made me cringe. "I see something blue and yellow." and then half hour later from the other bathroom "I see something pink". Awesome. An ice cream cone and a Dora toothbrush. And now renting isn't so awesome based on the evidence. What in the world do I do with her?

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Ashley said...

Oh dear. Funny to those not on the front lines, but hard still. Can you get a toilet seat lock?