Saturday, September 03, 2011

Baby Shower for Twins

I am proud auntie to twins coming this fall. Anthony & Ireland, affectionately known as baby A and baby B. As far as baby showers go I knew I wanted to do something different than blue & pink. I loved the thought of aqua, orange, melon & lime green colors. The invitations I saw first on Anna Maria Horner's sight. They were a labor of love to say the least. They wouldn't have been that difficult except I had to make 2 baby buggies and not just one. They were worth it though and how often do you get to celebrate twins?
I made the puffs off of Martha's web sight. Very easy & very fun.

My sister in law is on the right. She is due in November with the twins. My friend is on the left due in two weeks. We love all these fall babies!

I made garland from punching holes in paper and sewing them together, then attaching them to the ceiling with tape. They are sprinkled around the table as well. Super cheap & they really are fun.

I had a lot of help on this shower & it showed just how much everyone in the family loves my sisterinlaw. We ate a girly lunch, (salad with raspberries, croissants, Asian salad, & fresh fruit), played a game about twins & baby names from the year the mom & dad were born to the current trend, ate dessert & opened gifts. It was short and sweet & very fun.
My mom made Lemon bars
& Kurt's mom made caramel brownies.
I made a five layer cake with pink/aqua layers. It was definitely prettier than it tasted to be honest. Oh and random twin facts of the day: Did you know that only 2% of the population are twins? Also that 22% of mothers giving birth to twins don't know they are having twins til hours or minutes before the birth? Crazy!
I always wanted to be a twin but at least I get to have a sister. Do you think anyone would notice that we are different heights? I am almost 6' on a good day.


Musingly,...Jyothi. said...

I loved the invite and the puffs. Would certainly
Want to know more about the paper garlands.
U r a very inspiring person

The Weaver Family said...

thanks. They are super easy to make. I am making some for fall this month so I will take some pics and write up directions to post!

BreastFeeding Top Shop said...

The colors are gorgeous! This was a great idea and I love those puffs are cute