Monday, September 05, 2011

Compassion for the multitudes

There are some roads in life that we don't want to go down. Pain that seems to much to handle, yet when we walk that line between sorrow and suffering there is also the chance that we can enter into a new realm of beauty. It is on this road that we encounter as we never have before and find ourselves in communion with God. As I prayed for a friend today who is walking this road, I immediately was transported to the third floor of the hospital in my mind. Room 317. This is where my journey led me two years ago & I seldom want to look back, but when I do I can see such sweet things. I used to have to do laps. Around the nurses station I would go, past the food cart where I would take a deep breath, covet & move on, past the same sights day after day. Most patients had their doors open and I would look into each one. I would see birthday balloons, flowers, children, wives, husbands & nurses in & out. One day I saw a gurney with a sheet over it covering someone who had passed away. The sanitation crew in their suits going in, and a few family members outside the door. I grabbed my iv on wheels and wanted to push past, move out, get through and then I heard the Holy Spirits voice. He said, "I have compassion on the multitudes". It was the Holy Spirit that moved Jesus as he would go through crowds of sick and dying. He was moved by them and loved them. He still does. He lives in these places of the sick and the dying and He whispers over them "I love you". I'm not sure how this all plays out or how it works. I do know that in that moment I was certain that Jesus does see all and not only does He see but He feels & He is led to compassion.

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