Wednesday, June 21, 2006

irony of it all

we recently moved our bookshelf to the front of our room. a new temptation for izzy. a funny moment today. he started pulling off all the books. i bent down and patiently explained Israel these are NOT your books. if you do that again i'll have to spank you. Five minutes later he has pulled off the books but he is trying to put them back as he relizes that i'm watching him. i walk over to him and he hands me the book in his hands. It was a book i've read twice already. To Train Up A Child. He gave me the book and I gave him what the book recomends. =-) A funny moment of irony and discipline. He is now adorable drinking his milk, all clean, night night in hand watching his favorite Nemo.


Danielle said...

Hope you make it past the first 12 minutes.

Marci Lewellen said...

At least he didn't drop the book and run :)