Tuesday, June 20, 2006

clean mountain goodness

lets just say i've been a little home sick for the past month. i ordered flowers for the hidden thicket and got sweet peas (a ca fav), Laguna Roses, and California bush Ivy. Notice a theme. I cried a few days ago when we decided to not go home for Izzy's birthday and even as I type this I realize I still call California "going home". I have been planted in Missouri and God is ripping up my roots of connections to anything other than Him. I must go to Him for my comfort, love, and endurance. So of course when I went to the grocery store this week I had to get laundry detergent. Going on my CA theme I asked God "Lord do I have to get the cheap stuff today? For the past year I have bought arm and hammer $3 a pop detergent. Horray for budgets. So then in the middle of the isle I pronounced my love for Jesus as TIDE CLEAN MOUNTAIN FRESH was on sale $5 only (usually $9 bucks). So I splurged the two dollars and now my clothes smell like my mom has hand washed them for me and even though it's not a trip to CA I felt the love of God. He knew I needed to smell CA.


Marci Lewellen said...

you are a favorite of his and mine :)

Danielle said...

Being home sick is a bummer! But the good news is California doesn't have Shato and it doesn't have Marci Lewellen - two of the greatest things a girl in Missoura could have!